Can’t we start a conference if some other company is already doing it for last few years?

There are approx 5000+ cashew processing factories worldwide and almost 70% of these are in 2 countries, India and Vietnam.

I am writing this post because I am surprisingly shocked by the question somebody asked me few days back. The question was why another conference as some other company is already doing it? I assume someone must had asked the person who opened world’s 2nd cashew processing factory that why opening another one when some other factory is already making cashews?!

If this 2nd factory’s owner would had listened to this someone and would not had opened his/her factory then there wouldn’t be any cashew industry existing, and you would not be asking me this question.

So, let’s join hands and work towards uplifting of this cashew industry. Let’s more and more conferences, expos get started up; let’s more and more cashew processing factories get opened up; let’s more and more cashew farmers cultivate and harvest cashew crop; let’s more and more consumers enjoy eating cashew nuts.

See you at the CashewConf India 2017!

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