CashewConf India 2017 Banner

National Cashew Conference of India, branded as CashewConf India 2017, is to be one of the biggest cashew conferences in India, and is being held from 10th to 12th November 2017 in Goa.

Let’s unitedly come together and find a solution to the problems we are facing in industry. UNITED WE STAND, DIVIDED WE FALL!

cashewconf india 2017 - united we stand, divided we fallThe benefits of attending this conference are :-

  • Knowledge sharing
  • Brand building
  • Networking
  • Motivation

Any business needs these above things to sustain; thus attending conferences is the best method to get knowledge to sustain in this competitive world. Listen to the visionaries of the cashew industry, talk to them, get ideas from them, implement these ideas in your businesses.

Why CashewConf India 2017?

During 1:1 marketing for this conference somebody asked me why shall I attend your conference? There is another company which is doing the same for last 15 years.

Ans: Sir, we have been supplying and processing Raw Cashew Nuts ourselves since more than 12+ years so we don’t know the industry only superficially (like when it rained in Vietnam, what was the dollar exchange yesterday) but we are an integral part of industry. We suffered badly when our own factory had to be stopped processing raw cashew nuts as there was no availability and whatever was available was expensive. The production drastically reduced to 1/3 within 3 months. Where to go with such a morale, whom to share this problem with were the first questions coming to my mind? Shall I visit those who just have information but no real knowledge? NO! This conference is the answer my cashew brothers and sisters India wide who have low morale and sentiments due to non-availability of RCN. Let’s unite and find a solution together.